Cyprus has become the European jurisdiction of choice for high net worth businessmen and investors from Eastern Mediterranean countries. A significant number have recently established their private and business residence by moving their family and business on the island.

Some of the Reasons for choosing Cyprus as their base are:

  • Attractive legislation for the setting up of offices/headquarters/businesses.
  • Ability for obtaining work permits, residence permits and citizenship for expatriate individuals.
  • Tax incentives.
  • Double Tax Treaties.
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • EU member.
  • High quality of standard of living.
  • Low crime rate.
  • An embedded culture for welcoming foreign people.
  • People feel at home and blend in easily with the locals.

How PHS can help you

  • Company formation, legal and tax representation, accounting and auditing.
  • Take up residence, permanent residence, work permit, Cypriot citizenship.
  • Find offices, residential apartments, houses.
  • All matters necessary for establishing residence, i.e. housing, schooling, importing, and customs.




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