Cyprus Real Estate-Construction & Hospitality

The construction and civil engineering industry has always been a key driver and indicator of economic activity not only in Cyprus but worldwide. The last couple of years however, Cyprus has experienced a decline of the sector with a consequential adverse effect on other public sectors.

Due to these uncertainties, in today's difficult economic environment, the regulations, taxes and policies have been changed into even more complex way.

Concerning the real estate and construction industry, the supply seems to be at its highest level whereas the demand is much lower. The first time buyers could not afford to borrow money from the banks in order to purchase properties.

These consequences could not last for a long period of time. The industry environment will change to a more positive way and demand curve will move upwards.

How can PHS help you

In PHS you have a partner that can do the outmost assisting you in achieving your business, financial and personal goals. Using the most professional approach to problem-solving, our professionals can respond to your specific needs and help you through each phase of the sector's cycle / activities and advising you accordingly.



Hospitality industry is a vital business sector for Cyprus economy. Specifically, Cyprus economy depends heavily on this particular industry. The competition among the hoteliers is intensive and sometimes aggressive. Hence, clients want to appoint a team of professional people with integrity, confidentiality and experience.

PHS is proud to be appointed as an audit and consulting firm of a number of well-respected hotels. Particularly, PHS professionals have huge experience with the hospitality sector including food service, travel & tourism, sports, parks and leisure sectors.

How can PHS help you

PHS professionals can assist you not only on minimising your tax liabilities (this is a must without saying) but will work with you offering you how to improve your performance, draft business planning reports, evaluation reports and how to become even more cash-wise healthy organisation.

Our services include:
  • Company reorganisation
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Investigations


Never underestimate your capabilities. Working with PHS can help you improve your business organisation performance even more!




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