"Clients will not respect a company until employees respect it first."


At PHS, we give great emphasis to ongoing support of our employees so our employees can support our clients.

We remain at the forefront of the taxation-auditing profession in Cyprus because we understand our clients' needs and we provide consistent assistance and consulting, targeting significant issues they are facing. We identify our clients' obstacles and opportunities and we always respond.

Our approach is personal and our support is constant thus enabling our clients to achieve their goals and targets. We focus on the dynamic SME market, the largest market in the country, international groups and multinational companies.

Turning tax into investment, minimising our client's tax liability, developing profitable strategies for growth, providing resources for raising capital and credit, and designing programs to maintain healthy cash flow are just some of the services we offer to our clients.

We provide to all of our clients assurance of their financial position, help them to improve their financial and business performance, ensuring that they comply with their tax, legal and regulatory obligations. Minimizing their tax liability consists of professional tax planning, studying and broad understanding and experience.

Our firm's tax specialist team has the experience, knowledge, technicalities and passion to advise and deliver the right and most favorable tax outcome.

We undertake the full scope and ensured the successful completion of all financial, corporate and legal-tax services required by our clients. We believe that every business and every requirement is unique, thus customizing our services to your needs is what our firm is all about.

Our employees are the most valuable asset. The quality and capabilities of the people we bring onto our teams determine the success of our organization. Our people are taught to do things differently.

In a world that has faced its challenges, we have remained strong due to the skill of our teams, our wonderful clients and our pathological fear of ever, ever being ordinary.

We can turn your tax liability into investment.

PHS Hadjizacharias




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