Cyprus Tax and Legal Services

"The secret in saving taxes is to know something that the tax inspector doesn't know". PHS tax team knows 'this something' extremely well and we always share it with our clients. Our goal is to turn your tax into investment and we are proud that we have successfully managed to achieve this.

Cyprus Audit and Assurance

As market leaders, we constantly pioneer to give our clients an intelligent, respected, and resourceful service. Our auditors analyse every aspect of our clients' activities, providing real value to each of their businesses and underpinning investor confidence.

Cyprus Business Consulting

PHS consulting team can offer professional services and advice suitable for every kind and size of business and individuals. Our aim is to deliver exceptional proactive advice and instantly add value to your organisation.

Cyprus Accounting and VAT services

Cyprus as a member of EU, adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) for the financial accounting and reporting. As a result of this, all Cyprus entities should comply with these IFRSs despite the complicated measurement issues, presentation and heavily disclosure requirements.

Setting up a company, either in Cyprus or in any other jurisdiction is not as easy as some people say, considering that the ultimate beneficial owner is not a permanent resident in the country of incorporation. So, you need the right professional firm that you can trust to provide you with clear instructions and guidance and explains to you the pros & cons of each jurisdiction.

Call us TODAY - We will reduce your tax and penalty liabilities by up to 75%. Tax investigations are too complicated, very intensive and need of experience and challenge. 

PHS tax intelligent team has managed to find the best ever solution for this substance and transparency action. PHS provides virtual and physical office spaces in a professional business structure.

Cypriot Citizenship & Permanent Residence Permit

Cyprus offers a sought-after way of life both to its residents and tourists: all-year-round sunny weather, award-winning beaches, exceptional nightlife suitable for all ages and a wide variety of activities.