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"The secret in saving taxes is to know something that the tax inspector doesn't know". PHS tax team knows 'this something' extremely well and we always share it with our clients. Our goal is to turn your tax into investment and we are proud that we have successfully managed to achieve this.

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rate at 12.5%. 

PHS tax and legal services department is managed by professional qualified tax experts and tax lawyers with considerable experience on both individual and corporate level on local and international tax matters.

We are the only tax firm in Cyprus that has published a book on Taxing Multinationals in a post-BEPS environment from a Cyprus perspective. We have written hundreds of articles in relation to local, EU and international tax matters.

Cyprus Tax Planning Benefits

All registered Cyprus companies, having substance in Cyprus, should comply with the Cyprus Tax Law No. 118(I)/2002 as amended. It is well-known that Cyprus companies can be used in different tax scenarios for the benefit of the legal owners of the companies. This can be achieved in a number of ways considering of course that the structures are carefully analysed and designed in line with the laws and regulations. Find out more about Cyprus Benefits

PHS tax professional members are always focused on delivering tailored tax planning solutions to every company and group of companies. The aim is to minimise the company's tax exposure / liability without creating any uncertainties and/or tax loopholes.

PHS tax members can undertake the following tax engagements:

  • Holding structures
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure, such as financing
  • Intellectual Property (IP) structures
  • Company reorganisation / restructuring
  • Establishing the one and only most beneficial tax structure model
  • Tax mitigation
  • Double tax treaties implementation
  • Cross border activities and how can be interacted
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax representation related to a tax dispute
  • Tax investigations


How PHS can help you?

  • Design the right and most favourable tax structure following the Cyprus Tax Law, EU Tax Law and International Tax Law
  • Reducing your overall tax liability
  • Turning your tax into investment
  • Represent you in Court or Tax Tribunal
  • Ensuring your company is fully compliant with the tax regulations and deadlines
  • Obtaining tax rulings
  • Increasing your company's profits
  • Assisting you on your next investment
  • We take the headache, you sleep at night


What the PHS tax team is known for?

  • Leading presence in the tax field
  • Extensive knowledge and experience regarding Cyprus tax services
  • Advising both domestically and internationally
  • Highly active on behalf of a diverse range of clients from sectors including trading and financial services, investment management and real estate
  • Exceptional experience in indirect taxation matters
  • The final result is what counts


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Quotes mainly from clients:


"The tax experts are very knowledgeable and extremely good at what they do. This is definitely one of the best tax teams that I have ever come across."


"One of the very top firms in the country for tax work. I would recommend them unreservedly."


"Is very thorough and always explains things in a way that is easy to understand."





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